How To Create A Category In Blogger For Better Organization

How To Create A Category In Blogger

How To Create A Category In Blogger: There are many options available to you when it comes to organizing your blog, but perhaps the most common one is to create categories for your posts.

These categories can then be used by you or other readers of your site to quickly find content that may interest them.

Categories can be as specific or general as you like; you might have categories like Fashion and Tech while another blogger might just have Fashion and Tech with dozens of subcategories in each one.

Having a wide variety of categories in your blogging platform allows you to organize your blog better and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re running a cooking blog, it might be helpful to have categories like Meat Dishes, Desserts, Vegetarian, etc., so you can easily search through those posts when searching for recipes to make.

Categories can also help improve the user experience by sorting similar content together and making it easier to browse through your site from one category to another.

How to Create a make in Blogger for Better Organization

What is a Category

You’ll notice that many bloggers link their older posts with category tags. A category is simply another way of labeling your posts, so you can better categorize them by topic. To create a new category in blogger, go to Layout and select Add a Gadget.

From there, select Category Manager. The next page will show all of your current categories as well as options to add and delete. Click on Create New Category to give your post its own custom label. Next time you want to post about something similar, don’t forget about your new category!

Step 1 – Add New Category

When you’re creating a new category, you need to give it a name and select its parent category. If you don’t select one, it will be your website’s main category. If you want your new category to be part of another category (e.g., being under multiple categories), simply select that category from the drop-down menu.

Then click on Add New Category button at bottom of the screen. A screen like this should appear Step 2 – Select Parent Category: You can now choose which category you would like your new category to fall under. You can either select a pre-existing category or create a new one.

Step 2 – Organize Subcategories

After you’ve created a bunch of categories and subcategories, it’s helpful to take some time at a computer with your list and create categories within those categories. For example, I could make my recipe categories into Baking Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, Lunch Recipes, etc.

Doing so makes it easier when you want to post something from one category to another (like tagging something under lunch when you originally posted it under breakfast). Note: It’s also helpful if you organize posts into these groups on your computer as well as on blogger.

Step 3 – Set Up Tags, Labels, and Keywords

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to your list of categories by clicking on Category at top of your screen and selecting All Categories. If you haven’t created any, that link will be unavailable. When you arrive at your category list, click on the plus sign at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

This will take you back to your template where you can enter details about your new category. Feel free to put whatever name you like here – just make sure it fits within the length requirements (up to 25 characters). And avoids swear words or other unacceptable language.

Step 4 – Save & Publish Changes

After creating your custom category, make sure to save and publish any changes you’ve made. This is an important step because your new category will not appear in your menu until you do so. In fact, if you navigate away from your Category page without publishing changes, even after saving them, all of those edits will be lost.

It’s important that once you’re done making adjustments, you check both Save Draft and Publish Changes, or else it won’t actually go through and become part of your website!

Final words Of How to create a category in the blogger

Creating a category in blogger is as easy as pie! All you have to do is log into your blogger dashboard and hover over Appearance on top.

Then, click on the Category list. From there, click on New category, enter a name for your new category, and hit save. Bingo! You’ve just created a new category in blogger. Now you can arrange posts on that specific topic in one place!

As I mentioned earlier, creating a category in a blogger is easy. You just have to know where to go! To create a new category on blogger all you have to do is click on Categories. After that, hover over New Category and then hit New Category.

In that box, you enter everything about your new category. Once you hit save your category will appear instantly under your existing categories! Simple as pie 🙂

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