Introduction: Can you schedule Instagram stories

Schedule Instagram Stories: Scheduling Instagram Stories might sound like a lot of work, but if you’re serious about engaging your followers or showcasing your product, it’s well worth the time and effort.

It can be hard to know where to start if you’re unfamiliar with this feature on the app; luckily, we’ve got you set with this tutorial on how to schedule Instagram stories on Instagram! Here are some tips on how to schedule stories on Instagram that’ll help you get the most out of them:

1) How scheduling Instagram Stories can help your business

As many users already know, Instagram is a community-driven platform that encourages interaction between its users and brands. You can share your business’s brand story with images, videos, or even short videos or gifs that you create and upload directly to your profile.

For businesses with seasonal products or events (like festivals), it’s important to create content that speaks to your target audience. You can do so by updating your Instagram Story’s feed for an authentic look into what goes on behind the scenes at both big launches and everyday operations.

2) Bulk upload images and videos

If you’re busy and have a lot to share with your Instagram community, an alternative to scheduling posts one at a time is bulk uploading them all at once. To bulk upload, tap on Add Media when creating a new post, then hit Select Multiple. Here, you can select multiple photos or videos from your camera roll. Then hit Share.

This will take you to your other scheduled posts, where you can choose which ones you want to go live now or later. You’ll also see your pending posts, which you can save in a queue until you’re ready to share them.

3) Prepare your content

Before you can start scheduling your IG stories, you’ll need to prepare them. This is pretty easy: take a photo or video, edit it, and upload it to Instagram. It will show up in your camera roll as unscheduled, so go ahead and click on that, and then click Schedule.

You can schedule from here until 12 hours in advance, which should be plenty of time to plan for an event or story you want to share! Don’t forget that you can add hashtags, location tags, and @mentions when editing content before it goes live too!

4) Create a quality story

To reap the rewards that come with scheduling your Instagram story, you’ll want to make sure your stories are engaging and fun. You can use graphics and videos, or even add text or stickers to each frame. To ensure your story has a cohesive look and feel throughout all frames, try using a grid layout for each frame.

You can set up as many frames in advance as you’d like before posting them, so they’re all ready when it’s time to post. If you want to schedule stories that use sound, make sure you have your sound recorder on when recording individual video clips, so they’re already synced up when it comes time to upload them!

5) Post it on the right day and time

Posting when your audience is online can make a big difference. Tuesday and Wednesday between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM are generally considered peak hours for social media usage, so consider posting then.

Make sure you take into account local time differences, though—it could be midday in one part of the world but not another.

A free service like Later makes it easy to schedule updates for specific days and times or multiple days at once. Learn how to schedule an Instagram story with Later here!

How To Schedule Instagram Stories: Step 1: Create Your Story Before scheduling anything on Instagram, you’ll need to create a story first. First things first, tap on Your Story in your profile (that’s right under Explore).

You’ll see that there’s an option called Create Story. Hit that up, and you’ll see three options: Take a photo or video (if someone else has taken an awesome shot that they haven’t posted yet). Record without audio (ideal if you want to show off something from behind the scenes) or record with audio (if you want to narrate what’s going on).

If someone else has already posted their photo or video, tap on it. From there, hit Replay and add yours to theirs!

6) Prepare links and captions

There are several tools you can use to schedule your Instagram stories. These include Hootsuite, CoSchedule, and Buffer. Using these tools will help you decide what kinds of content work best for your account and avoid getting buried under an avalanche of scheduling requests.

Ultimately, though, all you need is a simple spreadsheet or text file on your desktop that you can use to copy and paste URLs into corresponding spaces during your pre-set scheduling time.

It’s important to make sure your captions are ready ahead of time as well, so you don’t have to scramble around at 5 p.m. trying to think up something clever while also making sure it doesn’t accidentally get posted twice!

Make sure they fit within Instagram’s character limit—you only get 60 characters in each caption—and try not to repeat yourself too much from post to post (though some repetition is fine).

For example, if you have a dog in every photo, don’t say I love my dog over and over again; instead, try saying something like this is my dog (insert name here). The more unique each caption is, the better! And remember, consistency matters.

Final Words:

“While scheduling your Instagram stories might seem like a straightforward task, it provides you with a valuable degree of flexibility in your posting routine, allowing you a unique opportunity to truly engage with your audience.

By harnessing these tools effectively, there’s a substantial likelihood that your Instagram followers will not only become acquainted with your identity but also forge a meaningful connection with you, gaining insights into where you invest the majority of your time.

Nevertheless, it’s vital to remember that forging these connections doesn’t occur overnight; it necessitates a sustained commitment and strategic planning for them to develop organically. Stay dedicated for a few months, and as your engagement levels rise, you’ll begin to witness the enhanced value that scheduling apps bring to your Instagram presence.”


What is Instagram Story scheduling?

Instagram story scheduling refers to the process of planning and posting stories on Instagram at a specific date and time in the future without needing to manually post them in real time.

Why should I schedule Instagram Stories?

Scheduling Instagram Stories allows you to maintain a consistent posting schedule, even when you’re not available. It can help you engage with your audience at optimal times and plan your content.

Is scheduling Instagram Stories allowed by Instagram’s terms of service?

As of my last update in September 2021, using third-party tools to schedule Instagram Stories was against Instagram’s policies. However, policies can change, so it’s essential to review Instagram’s current terms and conditions.

Are there any tools or apps for scheduling Instagram Stories?

Yes, several third-party tools and apps can help you schedule Instagram Stories. Examples include Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite. Be sure to choose a reputable and Instagram-approved scheduling tool.

Can I schedule Instagram Stories with Instagram’s native features?

As of my last update, Instagram did not offer native scheduling for Stories. However, you could schedule regular Instagram posts using Instagram Creator Studio for business accounts.

What are the benefits of using a scheduling tool for Instagram Stories?

Scheduling tools offer features like content planning, analytics, and the ability to post at specific times, making it easier to engage your audience and analyze the performance of your stories.

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