Introduction is one of the largest and most popular blogs in Nepal, consistently ranking among the top blogs in the country. Founded in 2006 by Bikram Babaji, the blog has grown tremendously over the years to become a leader in Nepali blogging and online content creation. With hundreds of thousands of monthly page views and active readership in Nepal and abroad, has established itself as a trusted source for general-interest articles, news, and information for Nepali readers worldwide.

We will take a comprehensive look at – its history, content, reach, and impact. We will explore what has made it so successful over more than a decade. Since blogging is one of its core focuses, we will especially analyze blogging – the types of blogs published, topics covered, different authors and voices featured. Finally, we will discuss’s broader role and contributions in promoting blogging and content creation in Nepal. – A Brief History was started in 2006 by Bikram Babaji, one of the early pioneers of blogging in Nepal. At that time, blogging was still a relatively new concept in Nepal and very few individuals and organizations were actively blogging online. Babaji saw the potential of online content and blogging to share information and engage Nepali readers globally.

He started the blog primarily to write and publish his personal articles on general topics of interest like travel, books, movies, politics and more. Gradually, more writers and contributors were onboarded to write on an even wider range of subjects. Over the years, the blog expanded organically to become a diverse online platform covering news, opinions, lifestyle, entertainment and everything related to Nepal and Nepalis worldwide.

Some key milestones in’s growth and evolution include:

  • 2006-2008: Early years of personal blogging by Bikram Babaji on various topics. Slow growth in readership and reach.
  • 2009-2011: Started featuring guest posts and blogs by other writers. Began publishing daily news and information updates on Nepal. Readership increased significantly.
  • 2012-2014: Launched dedicated sections for lifestyle, entertainment, opinions. Began interviews and profiles of renowned personalities. Reach expanded globally with Nepali diaspora audience.
  • 2015-2017: Started several popular recurring blog series. Emphasis on quality original content creation. Firmly established as one of top blogs in Nepal.
  • 2018-present: Continuous growth, adaptation and diversification of content. Pioneered many new blog formats. Strong digital presence and engaged audience on social media as well.

Thus in over 15 years, has evolved from a personal blog to a multifaceted digital media platform, always at the forefront of innovation in Nepali blogging. Its consistent efforts to curate unique and stimulating content have made it the preferred online destination for readers within and outside Nepal. Content – Breadth and Depth

One of the key strengths of has been the tremendous breadth and depth of its content portfolio over the years. While maintaining a general focus on Nepal, Nepalis and topics of national interest, it has published content on virtually every domain – from news and current affairs to lifestyle, culture, entertainment, sports and more.

Some of the major sections and their signature blogs/articles include:

  • News: Daily news roundups, analyses of political developments and issues. In-depth reports from remote areas.
  • Opinions: Thousands of thought-provoking opinion pieces on social, economic and political matters. Different voices and perspectives.
  • Profiles: Celebrity and personality interviews, tracing inspiring journeys of notable figures in various fields.
  • Travel: Exciting travelogues capturing offbeat destinations within and outside Nepal with vivid storytelling.
  • Books: Reviews of latest Nepali and international literary works. Interactions with authors.
  • Movies: Reviews and analyses of new film releases in Nepal and abroad. Celebrity interactions.
  • Food: Exploration of diverse Nepali cuisines, recipes, food trends and culinary stories from all regions.
  • Photography: Stunning photography of scenic landscapes and cultural sites in Nepal. Capturing moments.
  • Entrepreneurship: Inspirational stories of young startups and entrepreneurs overcoming challenges.
  • Social issues: Discussions on topics like gender, environment, health, disability rights from a Nepali context.
  • Lifestyle: Articles on fashion, beauty, wellness, travel gear best suited for Nepali climatic conditions.
  • Technology: Updates on latest tech products, gadgets, reviews, and implications for Nepal’s digitization.
  • Sports: Interviews with sports stars, analyses of local and international sporting events featuring Nepali players.

There are also several long-running blog series on domains like culture, arts, festivals that add consistency and depth. Guest writers are regularly featured to bring in varied perspectives. Overall, the variety and quality of content is truly commendable. It has become a first-stop destination for Nepalis seeking informative, relevant writing on any topic. – Engaged Audience and Robust Social Presence

A key metric of any media platform’s success is the size and engagement levels of its audience. Here too, has scaled tremendous heights over the years. According to rank tracking sites like Alexa, it routinely ranks among the top 5 most visited websites in Nepal, with half a million monthly visits on average.

It has a very high volume of monthly pageviews across desktop and mobile. The engaged readership is spread worldwide in countries with large Nepali diaspora like India, USA, UK, Australia etc. Articles consistently get hundreds to thousands of shares, likes and comments on social media, reflecting widespread popularity.’s robust social media presence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram has further boosted its reach multifold and connected with global audiences in an interactive way. It has tens of thousands of highly engaged followers interacting every day. Live videos, question-answer sessions and multimedia content have enhanced user experience manifold.

This growing online community that the platform has organically fostered is a testimony to the depth and credibility of information coupled with lively presentation that provides. Its social channels act as an additional outlet for feedback, new ideas and discussions complementing the website. This integrated digital strategy has kept it at the forefront of the online space in Nepal.

Contributions to Promoting Nepali Blogging

Beyond being a leading media platform in its own right, has significantly contributed to the broader growth of the blogging industry in Nepal over the past decade and a half. Some notable ways in which it has nurtured blogging include:

  • Pioneering Blogging Culture: It was among the very first sites to popularize blogging in Nepal and encourage people to take up writing online.
  • Inspiring Aspiring Bloggers: Thousands of new bloggers in Nepal have been inspired to start their own blogs after seeing’s success story.
  • Mentorship Initiatives: It has trained and mentored aspiring bloggers through programs, empowering many to start their blogs and publications.
  • Shining Spotlight on Bloggers: It creates opportunities for new/independent bloggers to publish guest posts, grow their reach and following.
  • Developing Young Talent: Several young writers who began with have grown into prominent journalists, authors and bloggers today.
  • Blog Promotion Platform: It effectively promotes blogs and publications by fellow bloggers through reviews and recommendations.
  • Advocating Self-expression: has advocated the power of blogging for creative expression, social change and individual empowerment.
  • Sharing Expertise: It shares valuable resource materials, conducts webinars imparting technical knowledge to upgrade blogging standards.
  • Platform for Diverse Voices: ensures underrepresented voices from outside Kathmandu also find representation through blogging.

Hence in many indirect ways, it has incubated new bloggers, popularized diverse topics and genres, and created a more vibrant blogging ecosystem in Nepal overall. This has left an immense positive socio-cultural impact nationwide.

Challenges and the Way Forward

Of course, like any pioneering venture, has also faced its fair share of business and operational challenges over the years which it had to overcome:

  • Financial sustainability being an non-profit initiative run solely on passion and zeal.
  • Stiff competition from new media, blogs that have cropped up and constantly disrupting the space.
  • Keeping content fresh and unique amidst endless information overload online.
  • Catering to niche interests of diverse, segmented audience while prioritizing quality.
  • Adapting to evolving technologies and digital habits of modern, mobile-first audiences.
  • Fact-checking accuracy amidst flood of misinformation online requiring diligent efforts.
  • Maintaining a consistently long-term, motivated team of volunteers and part-timers.


In conclusion, over the past 15 years has firmly established itself as the pioneer and torchbearer of Nepali blogging. Starting as a humble personal blog, it has grown exponentially through consistent efforts to engage, inform and inspire audiences worldwide with engaging, unique content. It has redefined the genre by covering virtually every topic of interest through long-form writing. By broadcasting diverse voices and mentoring emerging bloggers, has left an immense socio-cultural impact in Nepal and beyond.

Moving ahead, continual adaptation to emerging technologies and reading habits will be crucial. Focusing on creative multimedia storytelling, intensifying mentorship drives and optimizing monetization strategies can unlock new opportunities. Strong collaboration with fellow bloggers’ platforms can further stimulate the industry.

Overall, as long as remains committed to its core values of creative self-expression, factual storytelling and community building, it is bound to continue playing a seminal leadership role in the global Nepali online sphere for many more years to come. Its journey remains an inspiration for countless aspiring bloggers worldwide.

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